Embroidering my little heart out

In between my regular work the last couple of weeks I’ve been squeezing in LOTS of test stitching for some of my favorite applique websites.  Some of these will be available in the shop for purchase, but if you see something you have to have, just shoot me an email! Fourth of July designs are always fun, and this first one in particular I can actually see not only for the 4th, but I’m thinking of changing the colors up to do an Olympics inspired tee as well.  This one is from Lynnie Pynnie, and I really think this one is SO cute! 4th tutu girl The next one is for the boys!  I have 4 sons, so I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for great stuff for little guys (and well, bigger little guys too for that matter!).  This one got the thumbs up from my 8 year old, and even my 12 year old said it was cool (which hardly EVER happens!).  This one is from Studio MCA, and you’ll be seeing alot more of her designs here since I’ll be test stitching quite often for her!

Then there are a couple of new alphabets I tested for Studio MCA as well, and since both Wyatt and Ree are growing out of all their clothes I made these shirts for them.  First is the cartoon alpha (great blocky style font for the boys!):

And then this one I just finished this afternoon for Ree, it’s the Simply Sweet alpha (super quick stitchout!).  She loves it and actually took off her previously favorite shirt I made her to put this one on!

Tomorrow, more more more!  I’ve been a busy little bee!  Be sure and follow me on Facebook to see everything first hand (because I forget to blog ALOT lol).


  1. I have been wondering what you have been up to! I love the boy designs. I have a man that orders for his 11 yr old grandson and it is hard to find something that they like. It has to be Kool you know! I have to go check out the Studio MCA I do not think I have seen that one. (WHAT? I have not seen one embroidery site? OH my, how ever did that happen???)

  2. Those designs are super cute.

    You’re going to talk me in to an embroidery machine yet *G*

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