Scrapbustin’ January Day 5: Genetically Modified Tree Quilt Block

If you’ve been glancing at my sidebar, you might notice that little yellow button over there.  See it?  Says “Stash Bee”.  You guessed it, I joined a quilt block swap this year, in an effort to help improve and stretch my quilting skills.  Well, the first block is supposed to be a tree-that’s the only real direction other than that the negative space has to be Kona White, the rest scrappy (fit right in with this months challenge here right?).

I’m a girl who likes things laid out for me plain, so I know exactly what I’m expected to do…so as soon as I saw the theme I went “Oh crap”.  Have to use my imagination from the get go!  So I hemmed around for a few days formulating an idea for a block..then set out to put it on fabric.  This is what I ended up with:

genetically modified tree quilt blockQuit laughing.  Seriously. It’s not THAT funny.  Ok, maybe it makes me giggle when I look at it too.  Suffice to say this is NOT what it looked like in my head LOL!  I call it the genetically modified tree because we all know how genetically  modified seeds do their own thing, and this tree is obviously doing his own thing.

I sent the picture to the girl it’s supposed to be for so she could get a giggle out of it (I’ll be remaking this block tomorrow, I wouldn’t feel right sending this as my contribution!  No matter how laughter inducing it is.), and she said it actually looks like the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter:

Harry Potter Whomping Willow Lego

She’s totally right! LOL!  I may try and play with it a bit to improve it, but it may end up being a wadder (aka..headed to trashcan central).  I do have another idea for a block that I think (hope?) would be super cute too, so we’ll see!

Are you playing along busting scraps?  Share a link to what you’ve been working on so we can cheer you on!


  1. I am still working up the nerve to make the block that is in my head for Sunni! I am glad to see if it doesn’t work out how I want it too that I will not be the only one. Thanks. Actually though, I think the block looks pretty funky!

    • You can do it! For me, I knew if I didn’t jump in and try it, I’d NEVER do it (I’m a super procrastinator lol). I’m sure yours will look great though!

  2. I’m still sketching my block as well. This block is a challenge for me as I seem to stick with simple blocks. Thanks to Sunni, I’m going to get out of plain blocks. Nice to meet you!

    • Maybe she figures it’s kind of a baptism by fire? LOL! Start off with something really challenging (at least for some of us!) and then the rest will seem so much easier?

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